Gammeeok Korean Restaurant is located in the heart of New York City’s K-town and takes its Korean roots seriously from its food to its decor.

The Munch Ado Program

Being traditional by nature, Gammeeok was hesitant in embracing new opportunities online. They however pride themselves on giving customers what they want and that’s when they partnered with Munch Ado to translate their traditions to the online marketplace.
Securing branded social media accounts set the stage for Gammeeok’s online success. Simply by taking the authentic Korean cuisine Gammeeok already creates, and showing how their restaurant decor ties to Korea through high-end photography and videos, we were able to engage new and existing customers online.

Smart marketing got the word out about Gammeeok’s cuisine now being available to order online and that reservations can be placed on their very own branded website where customers can also learn more about their story.
“Munch Ado not only maintains regular customers, but also built a website to maintain brand consistency, bring the traffic and create new revenue.”
Rich, Owner of Gammeeok
We worked with Gammeeok to capture the emails of existing customers and develop a new audience around their website and social media and offered a one-time discount to experience Gammeeok online.
After the promotion ended, customers stayed connected with Gammeeok online through engaging social media content, irresistible emails, and targeted messaging based on behavior.
A new revenue stream was created, generating a 3X+ return on investment per month.
16% of website users returned to place additional orders.
Followers on Facebook grew by 144%+ in just four months.
Exposed Gammeeeok to 750,000+ consumers in their first four months online.