Spice is a multi-location chain of authentic Thai restaurants operating across New York City.

The Munch Ado Program

Spice wanted to have more control over their brand’s image and customers’ experience online. They partnered with us to capture the essence of their restaurants and cuisine for their social media accounts and a new website with professional photography and videography.
Working with Spice, Facebook and Instagram became a focus for their online growth. By managing accounts for each of their eight locations and posting localized content regularly, we helped them engage customers through comments, messages, and general customer service.

Spice’s new website represents their brand’s core beliefs and showcases their authentic and modern takes on Thai cuisine. Their customers can place orders and make reservations at any of their locations and view a constantly updated menu complete with photography for nearly every dish.
“Before Munch Ado, I had to worry about my website and social media which took my time away from the in-house business.”
Igor, General Manager at Spice Thai NYC
To engage new and existing customers in Spice’s new online ecosystem, we created and implemented a smart marketing program that reacts to and shapes customer behavior while telling the story of Spice over time.
To service Spice’s customers, no matter where they went, we used a multi-channel approach to deliver messaging where they spend most of their time online: popular websites, search engines, social media, and in their inboxes.
We mapped each customer’s journey from awareness to retention by not only personalizing the messages but sequencing them as well. Where possible, we prioritizes interaction with rich media and social media marketing to create engagement, drive orders, and improve retention across the board.
“It’s nice having Munch Ado attend to our customers online, because that’s where customers are”
Igor, Manager Spice
In three months with the Munch Ado program Spice’s order volume grew by ~70% overall.
The total number of followers on social media grew 125%.
15,000+ consumers showed interest in Spice online through marketing initiatives.