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Come on in, We're Online

Open your restaurant to the digital marketplace and lay your welcome mat in front of consumers ready to discover your restaurant, order your food and stop on by for an amazing meal.

Why Digitize?

  • 783 million food related searches are made online every month and that astronomical number continues to grow.

  • 78% of consumers want their small, local restaurants to start accepting online orders.

  • E-commerce is a growing area of revenue for food chains - grab your slice of the pie.

The Challenges?

  • How do you stand out from the pack?

  • Static sites and PDF menus were the future, now they're the past

  • How can you break the ice with your customers without breaking the bank?

How Munch Ado Helps?

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Munch A-Do-it-All

As the largest and most advanced restaurant platform on the web, Munch Ado is the go-to destination for users to discover restaurants, order meals and reserve tables. Customize their experience by personalizing your Munch Ado page.
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Reach Out and Engage Them

Put your story in front of your customers with Facebook, banner and search engine ads on high traffic websites (e.g. Yahoo, MSN etc.) with highly localized, demographic, and behavioral targeting. We help you find people, not ad space.
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This is Your Domain

Munch Ado gives you an e-commerce website built into the Munch Ado platform and will host it on your own domain. We'll help you share your restaurant's story, design your menu and convert visitors into customers.
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Gain and Retain Customers Without the Pain

Create unlimited deals and coupons to unlock higher rankings in consumer searches and a larger audience.
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Empowerment To the Power of E-commerce
Your business is your business. Delivering orders, managing reservations and generating reports can all be managed directly from your personal Munch Ado dashboard. It's a brave new digital world; become a part of it.
Order Up!
All of your orders are conveniently routed through your easy to use Munch Ado dashboard so you can manage your business right from your fingertips as we send out constant updates to the hungry people at home.
Roll Out the Reserved Cards
Reservations have never been easier than on Munch Ado. Get a quick overview of your day, week and even month so you know just how much business Munch Ado is bringing in.
BYOC! (Build Your Own Coupons)
Create, manage and track how well your coupon or deal is performing right alongside every other part of your business. Use our intuitive templates or create your own to reach even more customers.
Report Cards
Data coated data with a data filled center. That's what you'll find in our easy to read and interpret reports for everything your business is doing on and outside of Munch Ado.
A Personal Buffett
Our dashboard will help you keep your profile current as you update photos and menus to promote your business.
Review Reviews
The Munch Ado dashboard keeps you connected to what customers are saying about you, your food and of course your restaurant. Which is all fine and dandy, but on Munch Ado, you can actually respond directly to consumer reviews and thank them for their kind words or right a wrong.

Join Our Network

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Promote Your Business

  • At least 10,000 ad impressions across top local websites including Google and Facebook
  • At least 100 visitors to your website on Munch Ado
  • Includes Ad creation, media management and analytics

Own Your Website

  • Standalone URL
  • Content creation and management
  • Your restaurant’s story
  • Receive orders and reservations
  • Unlimited free updates
  • Embed social media feeds
  • Create and sell deals/coupons
  • Customer reviews

Fee Structure

  • $500/mo flat rate
  • No additional transaction fees for reservations, orders or coupons!

Not ready to commit yet?
Sign up for a Basic Package without any advertising or commitment on visitors.

    • No Setup Cost
    • No Credit Card Processing Fee
    • Get Paid Every Week
  • Starting at $1 per order (see details)
    For orders up to $20: $1 For orders between $20 to $50: $3 For orders above $50: $5


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    Only 8.5% commission on total order amount
  • $1 per seat reserved
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    Share your story with relevant customers in your area and grow your business for just $500 per month. Your credit card will be charged $500 every month until you cancel the advertising package.

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    Our basic program lets you take charge of the content on your Munch Ado page and connects you to more consumers with no muss, fuss or credit card required. You will receive an invoice by email for the surcharge on transactions (orders and reservations) performed on Munch Ado.


    You're now ready to take control of your restaurant's digital age with Munch Ado!
    We will be sending across the world's simplest paperwork in the next 24 hours, followed by an introduction call from your own dedicated Munch Ado account manager.
    In the meantime, Please feel free to get in touch with us regarding any questions you may have about the Munch Ado platform.
    We are available 24/7 to answer your emails ( and take your calls (1-888-345-3220 / 9 AM PST till 6 PM PST).

    The Munch Ado Crew

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